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Finding a job when you have drug charges on your record

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Drug Charges

Coming away from your involvement with drugs and rebuilding your future can feel isolated. You might wonder if you can ever achieve goals like regaining others’ trust or getting a job.

Securing employment is a great start in your plan to improve your life. Knowing how to approach interviews with confidence may increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Seek treatment

Drug addiction can drag you down and prevent you from living a normal life. According to U.S. News, studies show that addicts who receive treatment during incarceration are less likely to re-offend. Even if you cannot access treatment during your incarceration, seeking help upon your release might give you the tools you need to turn your life around.

Have integrity

Even though you might feel tempted to lie about your past during a job interview, this could backfire and have detrimental consequences. There are ways you can discuss your past in a manner that shows integrity and determination. You can share how your experience enabled growth. Highlight your skills and help the interviewer see your potential.

Exemplify hard work

Talking about what you can do is one thing but being able to show the difference you could make is another. Exemplify hard work. Show the interviewer through your actions that you understand what it means to be reliable, trustworthy, punctual and professional.

Drug charges stay on your record for a considerable period of time. However, you have the ability to overcome your past when you refuse to let it define your future.


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