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A drug conviction and your college experience

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Drug Charges

A momentary lapse in judgment that results in a drug conviction in Florida might stall your college experience. However, contrary to what some may say, this outcome does not have to mean the end of your future aspirations.

When you understand how your situation might impact your college experience, you can identify what to do next. Keeping a realistic and positive perspective could help you reduce the impact of one mistake on the rest of your life.

Federal financial aid

In the past, a drug conviction had a substantial impact on FAFSA eligibility. However, according to Federal Student Aid, relatively recent changes have made it so drug convictions no longer affect your ability to apply for governmental aid. You will see a question on the application inquiring about any convictions you might have. Experts recommend that you honestly answer any questions about your record.


University-awarded scholarships often have more stringent requirements regarding your behavior. Violating any agreements could negate your benefits immediately and have serious repercussions. You might have the chance to negotiate with your university, but most places uphold strict disciplinary policies.

A drug conviction is not an ideal situation. However, you can prevent its consequences from derailing your plans. If you face incarceration, find out what resources your facility has to further your education. Participate in courses that interest you and document your progress. If not serving time behind bars, but in hot water with your university, consider transferring to a community college. Explore other options for obtaining an education.

Consistently putting your best foot forward can help you overcome the obstacles of a drug conviction. Pursuing your education despite the circumstances will enable you to continue working toward your goals so you can leave your mistakes in the past.


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