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Tampa Woman Facing Murder Charges After Fatal Heroin Overdose

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Drug Crimes


A Tampa woman is facing murder charges on allegations by deputies that she sold a man illegal drugs that ultimately led to his death.

Hillsborough County deputies say the 38-year-old woman first came to their attention after responding in early March to the report of a 30-something man in the throes of heroin overdose. The man was not responsive as they arrived at the residence, and he was transported to hospital where he subsequently expired. Although deputies say they treated him with Narcan upon their arrival, the overdose-reversal drug did not have the desired effect.

A subsequent investigation allegedly found that the now-deceased man purchased heroin from the defendant, who had long been under surveillance already. They say they began to ramp up their investigation by stopping people coming from the woman’s house and arresting them for possession of heroin.

Later in March deputies say they sent an undercover officer to the residence to buy heroin, a task at which he was allegedly successful. They say she told the undercover deputy to dilute the heroin she sold him, as it was particularly strong. This information, coupled with a statement from a confidential informant that she held a large quantity of the drug at the house, prompted them to move in and arrest her.

The woman was arrested last week and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on first-degree murder resulting from the distribution of unlawful drugs and on an unrelated warrant from Pasco County. Per deputies, the defendant had a bag of heroin hidden on her person and a bag full of pills in her purse. She continues to be held in custody without bond.

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