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Two St. Pete Men Face Federal Drug Charges After Drugs, Guns Allegedly Found In Senior Complex

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Drug Crimes

A Federal anti-drug task force said it uncovered a drug-trafficking organization late last year involving eleven individuals and operating in a St. Petersburg senior housing complex.

Investigators say the ten-month investigation involved several federal agencies and the St. Petersburg Police Department, putting together a case with the aid of wire taps and other types of surveillance. According to investigators two men, one 42 years old and the other five years his junior, were the ringleaders, using the unit rented by their 64-year-old mother as a base of operations.

Police say they captured the two men talking about heroin that was being stored in a safe beneath their mother’s bed and recorded a phone call involving their mother arranging for the sale of an illicit drug. Later in the investigation they say they recorded a discussion between the two men about $34,000 they said they needed to retrieve from the safe in order to complete a transaction to purchase a kilogram of cocaine. Police indicate that they were watching as the illegal sale took place, then later heard on a phone call between the men that the purchased cocaine was within their mother’s apartment.

Armed with this evidence, federal officials sought and obtained a search warrant for the apartment in the senior complex, where they say they found seven pounds of cannabis and four handguns, two of which they allege to be stolen property. Both men continue to be held in the Pinellas County Jail as they await trial on federal drug charges. Meanwhile, their mother has not yet been charged for her alleged participation.

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