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What is flakka?

There are many different types of street drugs. They each have their own properties and effects. If you encounter drugs with which you are unfamiliar, it is incredibly dangerous to use them as you can never be sure what your reaction will be. 

In addition, if you face drug charges, the type of drug at the center of things will impact your potential charges and sentence. So, it makes sense to learn what you can about drugs you may come across to keep yourself safe and avoid legal issues. One common drug that may lead to trouble is flakka. 


According to the DEA, flakka or alpha-PVP is a synthetic stimulant. This is a designer drug. You probably know it better by its more common name, bath salts. It causes psychoactive reactions. You will usually find it in crystal form, and it is most often white or pink. Some people will refer to it as gravel because it looks like chunks of rock. 

Use and effects

You can use flakka in a few different ways. You can use it in an e-cigarettes or vape device. You can inject or snort it. Flakka also is something you can eat directly. You should note that if you heat this drug, it has a horrible smell that some people say smells like dirty socks. 

Because it is a psychoactive drug, it will alter your consciousness and perception. You may hallucinate or feel paranoid. It can lead you to act in bizarre ways, including becoming violent and uncontrollable. You may injure others or yourself. It is possible to overdose on flakka, which can lead to death. 


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