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Feds Seize Biggest Cache Of Fentanyl In Delaware History In Raid Of Drug Network With Florida Ties


The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Delaware State Police say they’ve seized a record amount of fentanyl after a two-year investigation into a drug network that they say moved illicit drugs from California and Florida to Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Per authorities, the Delaware-based operation involved over two dozen suspects. An investigation into the network began in 2018, ultimately leading to the arrests of 28 individuals and the confiscation of a quantity of fentanyl sufficient to kill three-quarters of a million people.

On July 2, local police and the FBI raided the alleged ringleader’s home in Delaware. Upon entering the home, police say they discovered over $5 million in heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl. The fentanyl discovered in the raid is allegedly the largest single amount ever seized in Delaware.

Also allegedly found in the raid were 20 firearms, five cars, and over $264,000 in cash. In addition to that home, authorities say they identified other stash houses in Pennsylvania.

The 28 defendants were charged with over 250 felonies, including racketeering, conspiracy to drug dealing, money laundering, and firearms charges.

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