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Miami Man Facing Murder Charges After Argument Over Orange Juice Allegedly Becomes Violent


A North Miami Beach man is accused of killing his mother in a fight that began with a disagreement on orange juice, an air-conditioner remote, and using her car to seek employment.

Miami authorities say the incident began last Saturday, when the 29-year-old man became entangled in an argument with his 59-year-old mother. The argument escalated when the woman allegedly held up a kitchen knife to threaten him.

Upon seeing the knife, the defendant allegedly produced a firearm and sent multiple rounds in her direction. Realizing the gravity of what he had done, the defendant said he then turned the gun on himself. However, he had expended all the rounds in the gun on his mother, which prompted him to phone 9-1-1 instead.

Officers arrived at the home at around 5 P.M. that evening, and they say they encountered the defendant giving himself up to them and admitting to the crime. Subsequent interviews with the defendant allegedly involved him telling investigators that he simply lost control and fired at his mother.

The defendant was booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail later that evening and is facing a charge of second-degree murder. He continues to be held in custody without bond.

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