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Four More Venezuelan Officials Sanctioned By OFAC For Support Of Maduro Regime


Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against a quartet of Venezuelan officials it says are key to the Maduro regime’s hold on power.

On Friday the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced sanctions against the three men and one women they say helped to engineer a successful plan to rig elections for the National Assembly.

One individual sanctioned by OFAC last week is the country’s Solicitor General of the Republic, who was placed in office by the Supreme Court of Justice, which they say is also controlled by the Maduro regime. His appointment was objected to by the National Assembly, who urged foreign authorities not to recognize his legitimacy in office.

The Supreme Court of Justice subsequently named two new members to the National Electoral Council, both of whom are alleged to be in Maduro’s pocket and both of whom were named as designated parties to the sanctions handed down last week.

The fourth individual sanctioned last week was formerly a governor in Venezuela. OFAC says he worked with the current oil minister and a Colombian money launderer on two vote-buying schemes that benefited Maduro. They say the two schemes involved millions of dollars in bribes to opposition deputies in the National Assembly in order to undermine the election of Juan Guaidó earlier this year.

As with all OFAC sanctions, Americans are forbidden from conducting business with those designated last week, and individuals both foreign and domestic risk sanctions themselves if they knowingly do business with the designees.

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