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St. Pete Man Facing Manslaugher Charge After Allegedly Slaying Man With Gun While Practicing


A St. Petersburg man is facing a charge of manslaughter after Pasco County authorities say he accidentally shot his friend to death while practicing “defensive scenarios” with his friend.

Officials say the two 27-year-old men returned from a local shooting range early last Saturday morning with a third man to a home in New Port Richey. After cleaning their firearms, the men became engaged in practicing what they allegedly called “defensive scenarios,” which involved pointing the firearms at each other.

The defendant allegedly told detectives that he didn’t know what led him to load the firearm, but he did anyway, inserting a magazine into the pistol and pulling back the slide. They say he then pointed the loaded weapon at the other 27-year-old man and squeezed the trigger.

The other man received a chest wound from the round, and first responders were summoned to the home to treat him. However, the wound was too great and proved to be mortal a few minutes later.

Witnesses in the home at the time of the shooting say they did not see the two mend arguing before the shooting. The defendant had allegedly consumed a cannabis product at some point prior to the shooting. He allegedly said he did not intend to wound the victim with the firearm he bought only 6 months prior. The defendant said he took a 6-hour course in July in order to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

The St. Petersburg native was arrested and booked into the Pasco County Jail on a charge of manslaughter. He was released upon posting a bond of $10,000.

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