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OFAC Designates Libyan Network For Allegedly Shipping Illicit Drugs And Fuel Through Libya


Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against three Libyan men, a Malta-based company, and an ocean-going vessel on allegations that they constitute a network of smugglers who contribute to the instability of Libya.

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) accused the network of smuggling drugs through Libya and has marketed fuels out of Libya. The destination of both the drugs and the fuel are both ultimately Malta, says the Office.

The network allegedly competes for the most lucrative routes, the best oil facilities, and the biggest transport nodes, often engaging in violence to gain or maintain them. They say the network transported drugs out of Zuwarah to Hurd’s Bank, a well-known port of call outside Malta for smugglers.

One of the individuals allegedly smuggled drugs and Libyan fuel into Malta proper, alleges the office, often using the craft now under designation as a vehicle in and out of the country.

As with all such designations, the parties designated last week are legally forbidden from exercising control over property within the jurisdiction of the United States, and those who conduct business with them are subject to sanction themselves.

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