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OFAC Sanctions Two Dozen Individuals And Entities For Alleged Ties to Brutal Assad Regime In Syria

Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against two dozen individuals and entities they say are involved in supporting the regime of Syria’s president Bashir al-Assad and its alleged brutality against the Syrian people.

On Wednesday the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned 15 individuals under an executive order penalizing those who are found to hinder or obstruct a ceasefire or other political solution to the violence in Syria. A further nine were sanctioned pursuant to an act of the United States Congress for allegedly significantly supporting the Syrian government against its people.

Per OFAC, a portion of the sanctions arise due to the development of land taken from Syrians who were displaced by the Assad regime. The Office says the land that once held millions of Syrians is now being utilized by the Assad regime and its cohorts to build luxury real estate developments. In order to clear the way for such developments, OFAC says the regime has razed entire neighborhoods seen as being in favor of opposition parties. The new luxury developments are said to be reserved for supporters of the Assad regime upon completion.

In addition to luxury housing, OFAC says those sanctioned last week are also benefiting from the wrongly-evacuated land by the construction of a five-star hotel and associated amenities near the Damascus airport. Not only will alleged cohorts of the Assad regime gain from the construction of the new hotel, OFAC says the new facilities, which include a golf course, villas, and a shopping mall, are to be operated to those with ties to the president.

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