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Utah Man Enjoined From Sale Of Purported Coronavirus Cure After Feds File Suit Alleging Fraud

Last week the Federal government enjoined a Utah man and his company from selling a purported COVID-19 cure that authorities say is untested, unproven, and ineffective.

Prosecutors say the defendant is fraudulently promoting products containing silver as a preventative and a cure for the novel coronavirus. The defendant allegedly began marketing the purported cure earlier this year as the pandemic began to become a concern.

Per Federal prosecutors, the defendant made a litany of false claims related to the silver solution, including saying that the substance would “usher” COVID-19 from the bloodstream and that the solution is effective against all manner of viruses.

Despite the ardency of the claims, Federal prosecutors say none of them pass muster with the FDA and other such regulatory bodies. They filed a civil complaint against the defendant last week and obtained a temporary restraining order on the sale of the silver product. In addition, prosecutors requested and obtained a temporary freeze on the defendant’s assets in order to preserve the status quo. Federal prosecutors say they requested the freeze in order to leave the court the ability to grant effective final relief in the event of a successful prosecution.

A hearing on the preliminary injunction is scheduled for next week in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, which is the same court that issued both the injunction and the asset freeze.

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