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Handwritten Note Allegedly Implicates Belleair Man In Murder Of Safety Harbor Victim


Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies say a Belleair man’s handwritten list implicates him in a burglary and murder committed last month in Safety Harbor.

Authorities say the incident first came to their attention in the form of the report of a missing 49-year-old man. The missing-person case came to an end last month upon the discovery of his bullet-ridden body in the cab of an abandoned truck, yielding a homicide investigation instead.

Per investigators, a 30-year-old man arranged to meet the victim on the evening of April 22 in order to rob him. In the course of his plans they say he notated the actions he intended to take, including listing the items to be robbed and reminding himself to disable a surveillance camera and search for potential witnesses.

The defendant allegedly shot the victim to death at the meeting, then headed to the man’s home in his truck, taking along the man’s body as he went. They say he robbed the home of a firearm and other items that he tucked into a suitcase. Allegedly failing to follow his own directions, they say the man was recorded by a surveillance camera entering the home and leaving it with several items in his arms. He then allegedly abandoned the truck behind an office, where it sat undisturbed for another two weeks before its discovery.

Authorities sought and obtained a search warrant for the defendant’s home, and the search allegedly yielded the handwritten note. He was interviewed by detectives and subsequently arrested and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. He currently faces charges of first-degree murder, burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, and grand theft motor vehicle. The defendant continues to be held without bail.

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