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Clearwater Man Charged With DUI Twice In One Week


A Clearwater man is facing a pair of DUI charges after two separate agencies arrested him on suspicion of the crime in separate instances last week.

The 23-year-old man first came to the attention of law enforcement on April 22 when Florida Highway Patrol troopers say they witnessed him leave his vehicle on US 19 to engage in fisticuffs with another driver. Upon breaking up the fight the trooper says he noticed signs of impairment in the man’s behavior, leading him to administer a field sobriety test to him.

The trooper said his results were decidedly sub-par, with a pair of breath tests for alcohol allegedly yielding results of 0.156% and 0.154%, or roughly double the amount at which Florida statute presumes impairment. He was transported to Pinellas County Jail and booked on a single count of DUI, leaving the jail on his own recognizance early the next morning.

The Connecticut native’s next encounter with law enforcement came on April 27, when Clearwater Police responded to reports of a reckless driver on South Fort Harrison Avenue and Chestnut Street. According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle was involved in several near misses, driving the wrong way at one point.

Police effected a traffic stop, alleging that the man admitted to them that he was in no condition to drive. After allegedly nearly falling to the ground on leaving the car, the man declined to submit to a field sobriety test and was arrested.

The defendant was again booked into the Pinellas County Jail later that morning on a charge of DUI. This time he was released after posting a bond of $500.

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