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St. Pete Home Health Aide Charged With Allegedly Exploiting Elderly Stroke Victim

A St. Petersburg woman is facing felony charges after authorities say she stole thousands of dollars from an elderly woman for whom she was serving as a home health aide.

Deputies say the 27-year-old woman was engaged as a home health aide over three years ago after her then-72-year-old client suffered a stroke and resulting paralysis.

According to deputies, the defendant used the woman’s financial accounts to make payments on her own bills on several occasions over the years. Investigators say she transferred money from the woman to her own account on almost a dozen occasions without the woman’s authorization. In order to mask her activity, deputies say she hid bank statements that arrived in the mail.

The defendant allegedly called the woman’s bank and changed the PIN on her ATM card, allege deputies, as well as changing access to online services. Meanwhile, the defendant allegedly made over 400 transactions on the woman’s credit card for a total of over $34,000. Deputies say they have solid proof of almost 170 of those transactions for a combined total of $10,500.

Investigators say the payments made by the defendant went to a myriad of places, including utilities, restaurants, online shopping, and phone calls for her imprisoned boyfriend.

The Florida native was arrested on February 27 and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She faces charges of exploitation of an elderly adult and identity fraud. The defendant was released late the next day after posting a bond of $40,000.

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