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Palmetto Woman Facing Felony Drug Charges After Marijuana Discovered In Her Bra

A Palmetto woman is facing several felony drug charges after Sarasota police say they found her in an illegally-parked car with drugs in her underwear.

Officers say they witnessed the car parked in a handicap spot at Fred Atkins Park last Monday and proceeded to investigate. The car’s plates were assigned to a blue Chevrolet light truck, but officers say the car in question was a black Mercedes Benz sedan.

Upon approaching the car, officers said they witnessed the defendant leaning over the center console. They say they asked her for her name, at which point she allegedly gave a name that was not hers and that she did not have a drivers license. Officers checked the name against state records, but they say no such name appeared in the database.

The defendant then allegedly gave her correct name, at which point officers discovered that she was the subject of several active warrants. Upon a search of her person incident to arrest, officers say they found a bag of marijuana in her brassiere. They went on to say that a subsequent search of the vehicle produced almost 50 grams of MDMA, a Percocet pill, and cigars rolled with MDMA within them.

Upon her arrest, officers say she indicated that she purchased the car via a smartphone app not long before. She allegedly told them that she had been to purchase a large amount of MDMA shortly before her encounter with police, and the individual from whom she bought the drugs remained in the car’s back seat to part them out for subsequent sale.

The 35-year-old woman was transported to the Sarasota County Jail and booked on charges of amphetamine trafficking, selling methamphetamine within 1,000′ of a specified area, possession of oxycodone without a prescription, and giving a false name to a law officer. She continues to be held in lieu of a $97,000 bond.

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