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Former DEA Agent Charged With Conspiring With Columbian Drug Cartel

A federal agent and his wife were arrested last week in Puerto Rico by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on allegations that they helped to launder money for a Columbian drug cartel.

Federal agents say the Drug Enforcement Agency agent was among the agency’s best before his arrest, winning the plaudits of his supervisors on a regular basis. However, beginning in 2011, they say he filed a series of false reports on investigations he never undertook. Meanwhile, he allegedly directed the agency to send money for undercover stings to several banks throughout Europe controlled by him and his wife.

He was allegedly aided by two unindicted co-conspirators, one of whom is a Columbian government official while the other is alleged to be the chief of a Columbian drug organization. Prosecutors say the agent also shared sensitive law enforcement operation with both his co-conspirators, which they say may have compromised several investigations and thrown several other criminal cases into havoc.

Prosecutors say the agent was not shy about spending money. He allegedly bought a diamond ring worth tens of thousands of dollars, three homes, luxury cars, and other expensive items. However, rather than purchase them under his own name, prosecutors say he appropriated another person’s identity, opened a bank account in their name, and forged their signature on checks and other financial documents.

The agent resigned a year ago after his superiors in Columbia began to suspect something was amiss and reassigned him to Washington, D.C.

The agent and his wife were arrested at their home in Puerto Rico last week, shortly before federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against the pair in Tampa. The former agent is charged with charged with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, honest services wire fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to commit identity theft, and aggravated identity theft. His wife is charged with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments. Both defendants posted a bond of $10,000 and were released.

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