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Three Men Face Felony Drug, Armed Robbery Charges In Alleged Heist That Left A Trail

A trio of men are charged with several felonies each after police say they robbed a drug store and left a trail of pill bottles leading straight back to the defendants.

Deputies say the three men entered a drug store in Clearwater on just before dawn on New Year’s Day. Allegedly clad in masks and surgical gloves, the men are claimed to have herded employees into a corner and bound them.

The haul was substantial, according to investigators. With a total of over 10,000 pills between them, the trio made its escape in a Chrysler 200. Evidently in hopes of covering their tracks, detectives say they emptied the pills from their bottles and discarded the now-empty bottles out of the car’s lowered window.

Deputies say they soon found the first few empty bottles in the vicinity of the store. One bottle led to another, then another, and deputies say the long trail of discarded pill bottles led them to a home with the getaway vehicle parked in front of it.

Two 19-year-old men were arrested in the home, and a subsequent search of the residence uncovered a sizable volume of many different types of pills. They say they found video evidence that led them to the third defendant’s identity, and he was arrested earlier this month.

The two 19-year-old men each face a count of armed robbery, two counts of trafficking in illegal drugs, and three counts of false imprisonment. One of the men also faces a count of possession of oxycodone. The third man is charged with two counts of drug trafficking. They all remain in Pinellas County Jail in lieu of bond.

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