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St. Pete Man With Extensive History Of Car Theft Arrests Facing Vehicular Homicide Charge After Fatal Crash

Pinellas County authorities say the man accused in a hit-and-run death last month has had a long list of car thefts to his name prior to the fatal episode in question.

St. Petersburg police say the 19-year-old man was driving a stolen Mercedes-Benz west on Ninth Ave South in the mid-morning of January 18 when he failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of 40th Street South.

As the defendant was allegedly entering the intersection illegally, a Chevrolet Malibu with two women was also proceeding into the intersection from the south. A collision resulted, and police say both women in the other vehicle were injured.

Investigators say the defendant did not remain at the scene of the accident long, allegedly opting to flee the scene. Meanwhile, first responders tended to the two injured women, ultimately transporting at least one of them to hospital. One woman’s injuries were grievous, and she expired at the hospital.

The defendant was charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of a crash involving death, leaving the scene of a crash involving injury, driving with a license suspended or revoked causing injury or death, and auto theft. He was charged with the crimes while already in Pinellas County Jail on a separate set of auto theft charges. Local media reports that this arrest is his sixth such apprehension on similar charges, with four of those arrests coming since November. Additionally, reports say the defendant was released from custody in relation to a different auto theft charge. He continues to remain in custody without bond.

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