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St. Pete Man Found With A Bloody Knife And Wearing No Clothing Charged In Attack That Killed One And Seriously Injured Another

Pasco County deputies say a nude, blood-covered man they found walking the streets in Zephyrhills is responsible for killing another man and severely injuring a woman.

Deputies responded to reports of the sky-clad man on the evening of January 26, allegedly finding him coated with blood. They retraced his route to a home in the area, within which they discovered the remains of a man in the living room and a woman still clinging to life in an adjacent room.

Per investigators, the defendant was discovered near a blood-caked butcher knife, which they suspect was used in the attack. Witnesses to the attack confirmed the man’s identity with investigators as well.

Detectives interviewed the man, who allegedly told them he’d been consuming alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening. At one point he said he’d asked for money from one of the victims but became enraged when they declined to give him any funds.

The rest was something of a blur, he said, as he allegedly began the attack as both victims were occupied with other leisure pursuits. He said he began with the male victim, punching him in the head to initiate the attack. He says he blacked out after that, regaining his memory only after the conclusion of the attack.

The defendant was booked into the Pasco County Jail the next morning on one count of homicide and one count of attempted homicide. He continues to be held without bond. Per local media, the defendant has had prior criminal proceedings held against him, the last as recent as October, 2019.

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