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Pinellas County Deputies Say Lost Sock Led Them To Attempted-Murder Suspect

Pinellas County deputies say a discarded sock led them to the identity of the suspect in a near-fatal shooting late last year.

Investigators say a man was approaching the front door to his home in the mid-afternoon hours of November 5 when he was accosted in his yard by two individuals. Per deputies, one of the men told the victim to “give it up,” but whatever “it” was, he declined to give it to the two other men.

This led to an affray, and investigators say one suspect let loose with four rounds from a firearm he produced. Several of the rounds hit their mark, but deputies declined to elaborate upon the victim’s injuries.

Upon wounding their victim, deputies say the two men fled to a waiting Toyota sedan and made a speedy escape. However, police say that one man’s escape was a bit too fast, as he allegedly left behind a sock. Investigators say they retrieved the sock from the scene and extracted enough physical evidence from within it to compile a DNA profile. Subsequent investigation matched the profile with a name, allowing deputies to track down and apprehend the 19-year-old defendant.

The Gulfport man was arrested last week and booked into the Pinellas County Jail on two counts of cocaine possession, two counts of selling cocaine, one count of marijuana possession, one count of selling marijuana, and one count of attempted murder. He continues to be held in custody without bond. According to deputies, the defendant is a known gang member, but they did not specify which gang of which they believe him to be a part.

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