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Man Charged With DUI, Child Neglect On Allegations Of Driving Drunk With Child

A Palmetto man is facing felony drunk driving charges after St. Petersburg police say he drove the wrong way down a street with an infant as a passenger.

According to authorities, the 29-year-old man first attracted the attention of police when he allegedly failed to stop his F-150 at a stop sign at Snell Isle and Coffee Pot in the early morning hours of February 7. They say he continued down the road, eventually ending up on the wrong side of it.

Police say they gave chase, but he allegedly did not immediately yield. They say they ultimately took him into custody after a short time. Once in custody, police inspected his vehicle and say they witnessed an infant strapped to a child seat within it. One of the side windows was shattered, and police say shards of glass lie all around the seat. Officers also claim the child had dried food on its person.

Meanwhile, officers spoke with the defendant, who they say exhibited classic signs of inebriation, including unsteadiness, slow speech, and a dazed look. Police asked him to submit to a breath test for alcohol and to perform a field sobriety test, but he declined both requests.

The California native was transported to the Pinellas County Jail just before dawn that morning, where he was booked on charges of refusal to submit to alcohol testing, neglect of a child without great bodily harm, third or subsequent DUI, and fleeing or eluding. He was released almost 12 hours later after posting a bond.

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