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Trio Of Local Men Indicted By Federal Prosecutors For Alleged Murder-For-Hire Slaying One Year Ago


A trio of local men are now under Federal indictment due to allegations that they are responsible for a murder-for-hire scheme that culminated in a fatal shooting a year ago.

Federal prosecutors say a rivalry between two alleged drug dealers was the catalyst for the murders. Seeking to eliminate a threat to his own drug-selling activities and in order to establish for himself a reputation for brutality and violence, the defendant drug dealer allegedly procured the services of a pair of siblings to carry out the killings. The defendant drug dealer paid the men in both money and illegal drugs, per prosecutors, and armed them with military-style rifles.

Investigators say the brothers found their target first in mid-September 2018 and made an attempt on his life. Though wounded, the victim survived.

The duo had a second opportunity on January 19 last year, finding the victim at a gas station after the day’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day festivities. Among over 100 witnesses, investigators say the brothers fired off over a dozen rounds at a Cadillac, killing the victim and a second man. A third man in the vehicle was wounded but survived.

Investigators say the brothers attempted to cover their tracks by obtaining new cell phone numbers and establishing an alibi. A fourth individual, who is identified in the indictment but not named, was allegedly responsible for disposing of the physical evidence in exchange for a share of the payment.

The brothers now face a litany of federal charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, murder for hire, and several firearms and illegal drug charges.

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