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Tampa Man Facing Felony Charges After Alleged Drunk Driving Episode Ends With Death Of A Pedestrian


A Tampa man is facing homicide charges after police say he ran down a pedestrian while under the influence of liquor and cannabis.

Deputies say the 31-year-old man had consumed two shots of cinnamon whiskey after smoking marijuana a few hours before when he chose to get behind the wheel of his company’s Ford F-150 last week. Witnesses say they saw the truck weaving in and out of traffic on Bayshore Boulevard in the late morning hours shortly before it approached W Julia Street.

Crossing onto the raised walkway, deputies say the vehicle sent pedestrians leaping for safety. However, one 70-year-old man was unable to avoid the truck, which investigators believe was traveling upwards of 70 miles per hour at that point. The truck struck the man, throwing him through the air and into Hillsborough Bay.

Bystanders swam out to the man, but the damage had already been done. First responders who arrived shortly after pronounced him dead at the scene.

The driver of the truck was injured and transported to hospital shortly afterwards. Upon his release he was arrested by Hillsborough County deputies, who say a blood test taken at the hospital yielded a blood-alcohol content of 0.234%. He was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on charges of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide, and he continues to be held there without bail.

Local media says the defendant has a record of minor traffic offenses stretching back to 2007, plus a guilty plea to a 2016 felony charge of providing false information to a pawnbroker.

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