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Tampa Man Facing Attempted Murder Charges After Alleged Drive-By Shooting Injures One


Florida Highway Patrol troopers say a Seminole man is facing DUI charges for the fourth time in his life in connection with a collision that sent a watercraft flying through the air.

Investigators say the 66-year-old man was driving a new Nissan Rogue west on Park Boulevard near 131st Street on the evening of December 7 when he approached the intersection and a flashing yellow left-turn arrow.

Per the troopers, the defendant failed to yield to traffic coming in the opposite direction when he executed the left turn at the intersection. His turn put him into the path of a GMC truck which was towing behind it a trailer laden with a 29′ boat.

Unable to stop, the truck struck the defendant’s vehicle and jarred the boat loose. The boat took to the air and came to rest keel up and leaking fuel. The defendant himself sustained minor injuries, while the driver of the truck and his two passengers escaped without injury.

Upon arriving at the scene, troopers said the defendant’s breath smelt of alcoholic drink and his eyes were glassy. Allegedly admitting to them that he’d had at least two glasses of wine before driving, troopers say his performance in a field-sobriety test were poor. He declined to provide samples for blood-alcohol content analysis and was subsequently taken into custody.

The Georgia native was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on one count of DUI and one count of DUI with property damage, bonding out later the same day. Police say he has three other DUI arrests, with two coming in the spring of 2015 and a third in 1990.

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