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St. Pete Man Facing Murder Charge After Allegedly Slaying Girlfriend Shortly After Bonding Out Of Arrest For Domestic Violence Against Her


A St. Petersburg man is facing murder charges after deputies say he killed his girlfriend shortly after bonding out of an arrest for domestic battery against the same woman.

Pinellas County deputies say the 57-year-old man came to their attention last month when he was identified as the man who cut the arms of his 43-year-old girlfriend during a domestic dispute. He was arrested on November 9 and held overnight in jail until a judge reduced his bond to $15,000. The defendant paid bond and was released shortly after.

As part of his bond agreement, the defendant was forbidden from approaching within 500 feet of his girlfriend – a term that deputies say he wasted little time violating. They were summoned to the girlfriend’s home three days later by her report to 9-1-1 that he was in her home searching for a checkbook. However, deputies say the defendant left prior to their arrival.

On November 13 the girlfriend met with prosecutors and signed a document asking them to refrain from prosecuting him, as she said she sought out contact with him and did not fear that he would harm her.

Within a week she was dead, according to investigators. First allegedly being told conflicting stories as to her whereabouts, investigators say concerned friends of the woman visited her apartment and found it a disaster. Retrieving the keys to her car from among the disarray, they say they proceeded to her vehicle and made the unpleasant discovery of her remains in the trunk, surrounded by several of the defendant’s personal effects.

Instantly the prime suspect, deputies tracked down the defendant and placed him under arrest. Allegedly upon arrest he told investigators that he had indeed carried out the murder of his girlfriend. The Virginia native is currently being held without bond as he awaits trial on a charge of second-degree murder.

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