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OFAC Targets Russian Cybercriminal Organization Allegedly Operating Dridex Malware


The Federal government announced sanctions last week against a cybercriminal organization based in Russia over allegations that it was responsible for developing and distributing the Dridex malware.

On Thursday, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that the organization has been designated in an effort at disrupting the significant phishing campaigns it currently conducts around the world. The designation applied not only to the organization itself, but also 6 other corporations and 17 individuals.

According to OFAC, the organization has inflicted significant damage across the world. To date, OFAC estimates that its malware has allowed the theft of login credentials from banks in over three dozen countries. The info used from these credentials has led to over $100 million in theft and counting, it says.

Spread via massive phishing campaigns, the malware attempts to fool users into clicking on malicious ads or links in an email they are sent. Estimates as of 2016 place the number of banks and financial institutions compromised at around 300 across 40 countries, making the Dridex malware one of the biggest security concern in the financial and banking sector.

Included in the designation are six other businesses, all of which are based in Russia. The General Director for these businesses is also part of last week’s designation, along with individuals alleged of carrying out critical functions including logistics, technical, and finance. Also designated were several “money mules” OFAC identified as those who aided the criminal organization in moving stolen funds obtained via Dridex to bank accounts controlled by the organization’s members.

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