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Dade City Man Charged With First-Degree Murder After Allegedly Killing Man He Believed Was Framing Him


A Dade City man is facing murder charges after police say he fired a shotgun at another man he believed was attempting to frame him for a crime.

Pasco County deputies say the 39-year-old man was playing board games at a home with several others on the evening of November 25 when the other individuals in attendance began to retire for the evening. One witness said he left his door ajar and saw the defendant checking on the other individuals in the home, including an infant.

Deputies say he checked on everyone one final time at half past midnight, then proceeded to an outside shed with a flashlight. There he allegedly retrieved a 20-gauge shotgun and several shotgun shells and went back inside the home. Upon reentering the home, witnesses say he proceeded to open a bedroom door. He was greeted with the sight of a male sitting up in bed and a baby in a crib on the other side of the room.

According to deputies, the defendant leveled the shotgun at the adult in bed and fired. Immediately awakened by the sound of the shotgun, others in the home say they saw the defendant racing from the scene on foot with the shotgun in his hand.

With the assailant gone, one witness entered the room and attempted to find vital signs on the man who bore the brunt of the shotgun blast, but he was unsuccessful. The infant on the other side of the room was unharmed.

Deputies caught up with the defendant in the home of another individual, who promptly alerted them of his whereabouts. When interviewed, the defendant allegedly said the man he shot was attempting to frame him for a crime, but he was unable to offer any further explanation. The Albany, Georgia native continues to be held in the Pasco County Jail without bond on a single charge of first-degree murder.

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