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You can fight charges for capital murder

You were in your home when a random knock on your door surprised you. When you went to the door, you saw a relative outside, so you opened the door to let them in.

You spent a relatively nice night together, but when they started to ask for money, you told them to leave. They kept refusing, so you eventually pushed them out your door. Unfortunately, that push was strong enough to knock them down your stone staircase, and they hit their head. Though you called for help, they passed away before anyone could arrive.

When a tragedy strikes, it’s often those closest to the victims who are blamed

In this case, you were only trying to get someone to leave your home. You didn’t intend for them to get hurt, let alone die. There was no premeditation and no deliberation about killing them.

That’s good, because it gives you a strong case against murder charges. First-degree murders have very specific elements. Generally, the prosecution has to show that you:

  • Killed another person
  • Had the intention of killing that person
  • Premeditated the killing
  • Deliberated about the killing

When these elements are missing, it’s unlikely that you would be convicted of a first-degree murder.

Accidental killings do happen

Accidental killings may result in involuntary manslaughter charges, but they’re unlikely to be considered murder.

You’re already going through a lot, so you deserve the support you need as you go through a troubling time in your life. Our site has more on capital murder and what you can do to help protect your interests.


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