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OFAC Designates Six Turkey-Based Organizations Over Allegations Of Supporting ISIS


Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against two Turkish transfer agencies and four other companies based in Turkey due to allegations that the parties are providing financial and logistical support for ISIS throughout Europe and the Middle East.

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the six have had contact with ISIS for several years. OFAC says the two named transfer agents have been used to move a significant quantity of ISIS’s funds around the region as well as acting as a conduit by which funding from other sources could be added to ISIS’s coffers.

Per OFAC, the four businesses now under sanction are accused to have provided material support for ISIS fighters through at least late last year, possibly as far back as 2015.

Also part of the announcement was sanctions against a charitable organization based in Afghanistan and two of its top officials. OFAC says the organization provided funds and services for ISIS – Khorasan (ISIS-K), including allowing ISIS-K to transfer large sums of money under false charitable pretenses.

Investigators say the organization also allowed ISIS-K leaders to meet using the cover of a solidarity meeting sponsored by the organization toward the end of 2016. Also that year they accuse the organization of allowing an ISIS-K agent to work for them as a recruiter for the group. OFAC says the organization collects donations for ISIS-K as well from donors throughout the Middle East, funneling them through channels within the organization to ISIS-K commanders in the field.

As with all such sanctions, the parties sanctioned last week are legally forbidden from exercising their rights over any property they may have within the jurisdiction of the United States, and Americans are not allowed to knowingly conduct business with them.

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