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Grandmother Who Allegedly Held Grandchild On Lap During Fatal Crash Charged With DUI Manslaughter


A Tampa woman is facing a charge of DUI manslaughter after authorities say she caused a car accident that killed her granddaughter while she was driving drunk.

Florida Highway Patrol officers say the 50-year-old woman was driving her gray 2001 Nissan Altima during the morning rush hour on October 25 with her granddaughter in the vehicle sitting on her lap. According to troopers, the woman was driving along Mango Road when her vehicle rolled over a median and struck a guardrail adjacent to Interstate 4.

Upon arriving at the scene, witnesses say the woman and the child were both obviously injured and unconscious. Both were transported to hospital by first responders with serious injuries. According to first responders, the woman displayed signs of intoxication at the hospital upon arrival, including confusion, slurred speech, and disorientation. Further questioning by law enforcement yielded little from her about the accident, as she says she did not remember it.

Police say a blood test at the hospital returned a blood-alcohol content of 0.226%, which was well in excess of Florida’s statutory presumption of intoxication, which is 0.08%.

Meanwhile, the woman’s granddaughter was admitted to hospital with serious head injuries. She succumbed to her injuries on October 28. As a result of the child’s death, Hillsborough deputies arrested the grandmother last week and booked her into jail on one count of DUI homicide and one count of aggravated manslaughter of a child. She continues to be held in custody pending a bond of $100,000.

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