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Seminole Woman Facing Vehicular Homicide Charge After Trio Of Wrecks


A Seminole woman is facing vehicular homicide charges after authorities say she initiated two minor car accidents, left the scene of both, then killed the driver of a third car.

The Pinellas Park police say the 28-year-old woman was driving her 2011 Toyota Camry along Bryan Dairy Road when she encountered a Honda Accord she wished to pass. They say she re-entered the lane occupied by the Accord, striking its front with the right side of her own vehicle.

Rather than stopping, police say she proceeded on, with the driver of the Accord in tow. The 45-year-old man driving the Accord alerted police, witnessing her allegedly strike another vehicle when running a red light at the intersection of Belcher Road. The second wreck caused minor damage to the other vehicle, and she again failed to stop afterward.

The woman’s third and final accident came as she ran a second red light at 66th Street and 70th Avenue, striking a 2011 Lexus. The wreck was significantly worse than the first two, as police say her vehicle struck the Lexus in the driver’s side door. The woman was seriously injured in the third wreck, but not as badly as the 53-year-old man driving the Lexus, who suffered mortal injuries.

The Georgia native was booked into the Pinellas County Jail later that afternoon on one count of vehicular homicide and one count of leaving the scene of a crash involving property damage. She continues to be held in custody pending the posting of a surety bond of $52,500.

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