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OFAC Sanctions Turkish Ministries And Officials On Allegations Of Aiding ISIS In Syria

Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against departments and individuals in the Turkish government on allegations that they are actively working to support ISIS in Syria and undermine U.S. efforts at defeating them.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) named three Turkish men ranging in ages from 49 to 67 and two Turkish ministries as being complicit with ISIS in Syria, alleging that ISIS continues to destabilize the country and region as well as carrying out gross violations of human rights everywhere it is active.

OFAC says the designated individuals and entities have not only supported ISIS with money and matériel, they area also responsible for the deployment of Turkish troops in Syria, which they say are also responsible for escalating the violence in the area, especially against civilians who find themselves trapped in the crossfire.

Though meant as a punitive action against the Turkish government, OFAC was quick to note that the action should not be seen as an impediment to Turkish forces acting with NGOs or the United Nations to bring aid and assistance to those civilians in need of it in Syria and the surrounding areas. In addition, OFAC indicated its willingness to issue authorizations if necessary to ensure that Turkey is able to fulfill the energy needs of the country.

As with all such designations, those named in the sanctioning documents are legally prevented from exercising ownership rights in any property they may have within the jurisdiction of the United States, and Americans are forbidden from knowingly conducting business with those parties named in the action.

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