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New task force aims to stop health care fraud in new programs

It should be no surprise that health care fraud is taken seriously by the government. It directly affects patients and the government’s pocketbook alike.

That’s why the departments of Justice and Veterans Affairs are starting to work together to fight back against health care fraud. The VA is currently expanding a program that is like Medicare. It would allow veterans to seek out health care at private facilities at taxpayers’ expense. This partnership will be aggressively targeting fraud in the expanding programs, according to the assistant attorney general of the Department of Justice.

In 2018, legislation was passed that allows veterans to seek out care from providers that are not part of the VA’s medical network. Providers have to submit claims from those patients to the VA for payment for the services they provided.

A partnership with the DOJ means that it will be much harder for people to take advantage of the VA’s expanding health care system. A new task force has been created with the goal of protecting veterans and the health care system by stopping fraud.

What should you do if you’re accused of participating in health care fraud?

If you are accused of committing health care fraud, know that you could be facing serious penalties. It is important to reach out to your attorney as soon as you know that you could be accused of fraud so that you can begin developing a strong defense and put a plan into action to work toward an acquittal or another arrangement that helps reduce the penalties you face.


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