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Man looking for drug money beats man in his bed

Drug charges aren’t uncommon, and they might be placed for possession, trafficking or distribution. Florida certainly has a number of drug cases that arise as a result of people who use drugs or get caught up in their addictions.

The truth is that people with drug addictions often need support and assistance getting the care they need to break that cycle. Drug charges can get them to court, but without the right assistance, penalties will only harm them and continue a negative cycle. Alternatives could be a good option if they are able to remain sober.

Sometimes, drug abuse leads to others getting involved with criminal activities when they would normally not be. Take, for example, a case out of Florida that has led to the husband of a woman accused of owing another person money for drugs being beaten in his home.

He claims he was in bed when a man broke down his door and claimed that his wife owed him money. The 39-year-old man stated that the man who broke into his home beat him in the face while demanding cash.

The police arrived at 6:17 a.m. and were able to identify the attacker in a Cadillac a short time later. He was arrested at 6:43 a.m., just a short time after the attack. It’s believed he’ll be booked for home invasion causing injury, but it’s not clear if drug charges will be involved in the case at a later time.

So far, the man has been placed in jail on bond at $30,000, but he is not able to have contact with the victim or their family if he makes bail.


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