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Chuluota Man Convicted Of Slaying Parents And Brother Over Bulgarian Webcam Model


A Seminole County jury last week found a Chuluota man guilty of murdering his parents and his brother after they acted to end his contact with a webcam model from Bulgaria.

The 29-year-old man was convicted after a two-week trial and eight hours of deliberations. According to prosecutors, the defendant became infatuated with a webcam model to whom he sent money to buy time to talk to her.

Investigators say the defendant may have sent up to $200,000 over a three-month period, all of which was stolen from his brother and father in an effort at making himself look wealthy. Upon discovering the theft, the defendant’s family placed him in a behavioral-rehabilitation facility, but he did not stay to complete treatment.

Upon his return to his parents’ home, the defendant was allegedly given an ultimatum by his father regarding his activities – namely, that further contact with the webcam model would lead to immediate expulsion from the home. Initially agreeing with the conditions, the defendant subsequently reconnected with the Bulgarian woman.

The defendant’s father discovered his renewed communication, allegedly leading to a heated argument. That’s when prosecutors say he made his decision to kill his family, beginning with his mother. She was allegedly killed in the late afternoon on January 24, followed by his father, who was killed shortly after his arrival home from work about half an hour later. The defendant allegedly killed his brother four hours after that. Shortly after killing the three family members, prosecutors say the defendant attempted to reconnect with the Bulgarian woman using public wifi at a nearby grocery store.

The penalty phase of the defendant’s trial will begin later this month. He is facing the death penalty.

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