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Zephyrhills Man Charged With DUI, Vehicular Manslaughter In Fatal 2018 Crash


A Zephyrhills man was arrested last week at the culmination of an investigation by Hillsborough County authorities into a fatal car accident almost one year ago.

Troopers of the Florida Highway Patrol arrested the 36-year-old man last Monday on charges of vehicular homicide and DUI. They say he was behind the wheel of an Infiniti G37 early in the morning of July 29 last year on State Road 54 that was traveling at a high rate of speed.

Per investigators, the defendant’s travels came to a sudden and devastating stop when his vehicle struck the back of an Oldsmobile Intrigue, flipping both cars in the process. Four women were within the Oldsmobile at the time of the incident, but neither woman was using a seat belt.

Authorities say both 24-year-old women did not survive the crash, as one woman expired from her injuries within the vehicle, while the other woman was thrown clear and passed away as a result of injuries acquired in the process. Two other women, one 21 years of age and the other 17 years old, were seriously injured but ultimately survived.

The defendant also sustained significant injuries in the crash, and he was transported to hospital for treatment. Investigators say his blood-alcohol content was 0.23 percent when tested shortly after the accident, which is almost triple the threshold for legal impairment set by Florida law.

On Monday the defendant was booked into Hillsborough County Jail on a total of ten counts related to the accident, including vehicular manslaughter and DUI. Local media did not report on his bail amount.

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