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Young woman charged with DUI manslaughter on I-75

If you’ve gotten a DUI in Florida, you’re aware it’s a serious situation to be in. Committing a repeat offense can result in greater penalties.

A Riverview woman who was allegedly driving drunk killed an Orlando man on a motorcycle in Hillsborough county on I-75. The driver, 21, faces one count of DUI manslaughter and a violation of drivers license restrictions. The man killed in the accident was 28-years-old and from Orlando. He died at the scene.

Violating probation

This was not her first DUI. In January of 2018 she was involved in a car crash and was charged with reckless driving. Her charges also included grand theft auto and DUI. For the crime she received a year of probation and a six-month suspended license. The court allowed her to drive for business purposes only.

This type of driving includes:

  • On-the-job driving
  • Driving between her home and work
  • Driving to go somewhere for educational purposes
  • Driving to church
  • Driving for medical purposes

The crash

While changing lanes, the driver went over the painted gore on the exit ramp and hit the victim’s motorcycle from behind. His lights were on. Florida Hospital South treated the woman for minor injuries.

Four hours later investigators got a search warrant to get a blood sample. Her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was at .093%. This is above Florida’s legal limit of .08%.

The woman who got in this fatal crash was allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time. This example shows that highway driving can be especially dangerous.


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