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Pasco Jail Inmate Charged With Seeking Murder Of Another Inmate


A Zephyrhills man already in custody on misdemeanor drug charges is facing additional charges relating to allegations by jail personnel that he sought the murder of another inmate from a third incarcerated individual.

According to deputies, the 40-year-old man was involved in trafficking methamphetamine and in possession of cannabis when he first caught their attention, and he was jailed on those allegations in January of last year.

While awaiting trial on those charges, detention deputies say he composed a postcard on June 21 and passed it to a second inmate who is in jail on charges of drug possession, theft, and fraudulent use of a credit card. Per deputies, the postcard asked the recipient to murder a third inmate believed by the 40 year old to be the perpetrator of his son’s murder.

The targeted inmate, who is in jail on charges of possession of methamphetamine and cannabis, is Hispanic, and both the writer and recipient of the postcard in question are alleged to be in white-supremacist prison gangs.

As jail officials routinely monitor inmate communications, the discovery of the postcard was nearly inevitable. The North Carolina native now faces charges of attempt to commit conspiracy to murder. He continues to be held in custody in lieu of a bond of $76,000.

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