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Texas Man Facing Federal Charges Of Selling Fentanyl On Dark Web After Nationwide Investigation


A Texas man was indicted last week on allegations by Federal prosecutors that he used the Darknet and Bitcoin to illegally sell fentanyl to buyers around the world.

Prosecutors say the 51-year-old Dallas-Fort Worth man sold fentanyl and fentanyl analogues on the Darknet in exchange for payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Accessing the dark web via specialized software that ensured anonymity, the defendant allegedly sold the illicit drugs to other anonymous buyers, arranging to have the drugs shipped directly to their address. The buyers would then pay via cryptocurrency to accounts Federal prosecutors say belonged to him, at which point the defendant would transfer these balances to regular fiat currency.

Though the defendant went to great lengths to insure anonymity and untraceability, Federal investigators say he sent over $120,000 in cryptocurrency to accounts operated by Federal agents, leading to his arrest.

The defendant is the latest of several individuals to be charged in relation to Operation Dark Gold, which is a nationwide investigation among several local, state, and Federal law enforcement services to capture vendors of contraband on the Darknet. To date, the year-long investigation has led to several prosecutions, including over 90 active cases and the execution of over 70 search warrants. Several individuals are currently on trial or awaiting sentencing as a result of the operation, while several more are currently incarcerated in Federal prisons and serving out prison sentences related to the investigation.

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