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Get defensive if a forensic accountant is involved in your case

Forensic accountants are the people who are often responsible for catching people who commit white collar crimes. These accountants can go through your employer’s books and see where money has been laundered or hidden away.

Forensic accountants investigate crimes including tax evasion, fraud and money laundering. If they’re good at their jobs, they can spot mistakes and errors, as well as omissions, with just a quick review of some important financial documents.

How do forensic accountants solve white collar crimes?

Forensic accountants solve crimes by following the transactions. Every transaction tells a story and shows where money is going. Every transaction has the potential to be linked back to you.

That’s why you need to get your attorney on your side and to defend yourself immediately if a forensic accountant is involved in your case. There is no question that a forensic accountant can, and likely will, find data that catches any kind of white collar crime activity that was going on at your place of business. Your job, at this point, is to protect yourself and make sure they don’t point fingers at you.

Forensic accountants have the goal of following breadcrumbs back to the person who committed a crime. There is a chance that the wrong people could be accused, especially if multiple people were involved in criminal actions but did not let their employees or others who completed work for them know.

Know your rights. It’s essential that you protect yourself against unfair allegations and investigations that imply that you’re committing crimes against the government or others. Our site has more on what to do if you’re being investigated.


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