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Chicago Couple Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Defrauding Medicare Of $1.6 Million


The married co-owners of an Illinois home health agency pled guilty to charges that they were part of a conspiracy to illegally obtain reimbursement from Medicare for patients obtained via kickbacks.

According to Federal prosecutors, the 54-year-old husband and his 52-year-old wife co-owned a home health agency in greater Chicago that they directed to pay recruiters and other sources for Medicare patient referrals. The pair ultimately obtained $1.6 million in illicit profits, per investigators.

In addition to using kickbacks to obtain Medicare referrals for their own company, prosecutors say they did the same for a home-health agency co-owned by the wife and in which the husband was an administrator. Prosecutors say the pair paid about $365,000 in illegal kickbacks to a patient marketer who is now a fugitive. In order to cover their tracks, prosecutors say they produced sham contracts with shell companies that masked the illicit payments.

The couple were indicted in 2016 and pled guilty to one count each of conspiracy to offer and pay kickbacks. They are scheduled to be sentenced in mid-September by U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Coleman of the Northern District of Illinois, the same judge who heard their guilty plea. A fourth member of the alleged conspiracy pled guilty to his involvement in 2017.

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