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Over 100 counts filed against 10 involved in prescription fraud

Prescription fraud, which can be filling fake prescriptions or manipulating prescriptions for larger fills than ordered, can lead to federal charges and significant penalties. That’s what 10 people from Florida and Alabama will now have to contend with after being indicted on federal charges.

Those 10 people are part of what is being called a $200 million prescription drug fraud case. The authorities reported that there were over 100 charges filed against an Alabama-based pharmacy. which is accused of fraudulent health care billing, conspiracy and filling unnecessary medications.

The pharmacy and defendants are accused of:

  • Altering prescriptions to add on medications that were not prescribed
  • Automatically refilling prescriptions regardless of the patient’s need.
  • Directing employees to obtain medically unnecessary medications for themselves, friends and family, all to be billed by the pharmacy (and others it was involved with)
  • Billing for medications without patients’ knowledge, then sending the medication to the patients’ homes
  • Waiving and discounting co-pays so that patients could get unnecessary medications
  • Paying medical providers to issue prescriptions to their patients, even when unnecessary

In this case, each of the defendants may face many years in prison, especially considering that no party faced fewer than nine counts against them.

The pharmacy, in this case, had a call center in Clearwater, and it did most of the processing through that location.

If you are accused of being involved in a drug scheme like this, it’s necessary to discuss your defense options quickly. Federal charges can be severe, and you need to do all you can to protect yourself and your freedom.


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