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Seminole Man Arrested For Fatal St. Pete Road Rage Incident


A Seminole man police say is responsible for a fatal road-rage encounter in St. Petersburg was arrested last week.

Pinellas County authorities say the 31-year-old man was involved in an altercation on Bay Street NE on March 27. Details are sparse, but authorities say a traffic incident caused an argument among three parties, during which the defendant allegedly shot the other two individuals. They say he had the opportunity to leave the scene of the altercation but chose to remain and escalate it.

One victim left the scene and drove for a distance in his own vehicle before crashing it. He ultimately expired as a result of his wounds. The second man was taken to a hospital for treatment. No word was given regarding his injuries, but they were evidently survivable.

Police say the defendant fled the scene and broke into his girlfriend’s home, where he was arrested. His girlfriend was not keen on his presence at her home while she was absent, as she had previously changed the access code. She was alerted to his presence there by a surveillance system installed at the residence.

The Delaware native was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on charges of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree murder, and residential burglary. He is currently being held without bond. Prior to the alleged road rage last month, the defendant was cited for careless driving by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper for allegedly causing a wreck while riding his Kawasaki motorcycle.

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