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Plea Bargain Saves Largo Man From Possible Date With Death Chamber


A Largo man facing murder charges for two separate incidents agreed last week to a plea deal that spares him the death chamber.

According to authorities, in late 2017 the 42-year-old man was suffering from an episode of paranoia caused by illicit drugs when he fired a high-powered rifle from his vehicle into another vehicle he thought was bringing people intent upon robbing him.

Unfortunately, within the vehicle was a 30-year-old woman who was 13 weeks pregnant. The round allegedly fired by the defendant struck her in the head, killing her and the fetus she carried. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder as a result.

While awaiting trial on these charges, prosecutors say the defendant became involved in an altercation with another jail inmate over use of a television remote. They say the altercation, which took place last summer, saw the defendant strike another inmate with the remote, knocking him to the ground. The other inmate’s head struck the ground, causing a fatal injury. Authorities charged the defendant with manslaughter over these events.

As the defendant was facing the possibility of lethal injection if convicted in the 2017 murders, the incentive to come to an alternate arrangement was high. Ultimately prosecutors and the defendant came to an agreement that he would plead guilty to all three charges in exchange for a life sentence, which he did on April 16. As part of his plea agreement, the defendant waived his right to appeal.

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