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OFAC Designates 31 Individuals And Organizations On Allegations Of Assisting Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program


The Federal government last month announced sanctions against almost three dozen individuals and organizations it says are supporting Iran’s quest to develop nuclear weapons.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) accused 14 individuals and 17 organizations it says have ties with Iran’s Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND) which itself was designated by executive order in 2014 for its involvement in the country’s nuclear weapons project.

Among those groups designated are entities that OFAC says have aided the country in many areas. One company designated last month allegedly conducted weapons systems, materials, and explosion research for SPND, while another contributed research on electromagnetics, pulse power, and wave generation.

Per OFAC, other groups and individuals contributed significant knowledge in other areas. A newly-designated firm and associated individuals allegedly constructed explosion simulators and built radiation and neutron monitoring and detection systems for SPND as well as creating an institute dedicated to physics-related calculations.

Among the aid contributed by other parties now under designation was data on radiation and applied physics, studies on nuclear terrorism, distinguishing sources of natural and manmade incidents, treaties and conventions governing the use and testing of various WMD, high-powered lasers, acoustics research, radiation exposure, and cyber defense systems. Contributions by other parties were made in other areas as well, including biotechnology, DNA sequencing, and cognitive sciences dedicated to improving Iranian troops’ mental acuity.

As is the norm with OFAC designations, those parties named today are legally forbidden in exercising rights they may have in property held in the jurisdiction of the United States, and Americans are barred from conducting business with such parties.

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