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Michigan Inmate To Face Murder Charges For 2014 Twin Slayings


A man currently imprisoned in Michigan for unrelated crimes will be tried in Pasco County on murder charges for a 2014 homicide.

The 31-year-old man is one of two suspects in the murders, though neither suspect has yet been tried. The other suspect, who was the 44-year-old stepfather of the first suspect, died by his own hand in an armed standoff after the killings.

Per Pasco County authorities, the two men were drug dealers by whom the two eventual victims allegedly were robbed. The two murder victims, both 24 years old at the time of their deaths, went to police alleging that the men had robbed them of money. However, the women ceased cooperating with investigators when the men said that it was crack cocaine they had stolen from them.

The women’s remains were found among the rubble of a burned-out home in February 2014, their bodies riddled with bullets. Investigators quickly identified the two men, saying they executed the women and set the fire to attempt to obscure the murders.

By the time the men’s alleged crimes were discovered, they were long gone. They proceeded to Michigan, allegedly committing other violent crimes, before being traced to an Indiana hotel. A standoff ensued, lasting for three hours. Rather than face trial, the 44-year-old suspect shot himself, leaving his stepson to surrender to police.

At present the defendant is incarcerated in a Michigan state prison serving a sentence of 20 to 99 years for armed robbery and home invasion. Pasco County authorities have begun the process of extraditing him to Florida to stand trial for the two murders.

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