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Man Arrested In Mexico For Slaying In Hillsborough County Two Decades Ago


A man suspected in a murder in Hillsborough County over two decades ago was arrested last week in Mexico.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the now-68-year-old man was living on the lam in Mexico, where they finally located him and placed him in custody on Tuesday. The man was extradited to the United States a day later.

Authorities say he’s the prime suspect in the killing of an 84-year-old man in the spring of 1998. The victim’s remains were located under a bridge in Lithia riddled with bullet wounds. Per investigators the suspect’s palm print was discovered on a guardrail adjacent to the bridge, and the victim’s blood was found in a vehicle the suspect had rented just before the murder.

The suspect was already being sought on a warrant issued earlier that year on charges of aggravated battery. His arrest last week was pursuant to a warrant issued the following year.

At present the suspect is being held without bond at the Miami-Dade county jail. Proceedings for his extradition to Hillsborough County are currently underway. Authorities did not say how long he had been in Mexico or under what conditions he was living at the time of his arrest.

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