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DUI nearly leads to drowning due to sinkhole

A DUI can cause lots of trouble for the person accused as well as for the people around them. That’s particularly true in this case involving a woman who caused a sinkhole by driving drunk.

This unusual story details how the 22-year-old woman nearly drowned after she hit a fire hydrant. The hydrant released water quickly, filling up the sinkhole that was created as a result of the collision.

The sinkhole, when measured, was approximately eight feet deep and around 20 feet wide, creating major damage that could take some time to repair.

At the scene in Marion County, several witnesses attempted to help the woman, but the ground continued to open beneath them as they did so. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attempted rescues or as a result of the accident. The rescue team was able to rescue one woman who attempted to help the driver and get the driver out safely.

Drunk driving is always dangerous, but this is an extreme example of how it can lead to life-threatening situations. If you choose to drink, it’s a good idea to call a taxi or to get a ride from someone else, so you don’t cause a collision.

The good news in this case is that no one was hurt, but the woman will still face charges if it’s proven that she was driving under the influence. If you are charged with a similar offense, remember that you have a right to speak with your attorney and seek help with your defense. You deserve the chance to defend yourself.


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