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Plant City Woman Suspected In Fatal Hit And Run Believed To Be In Mexico


A Plant City woman who is wanted by Hillsborough County authorities on charges relating to an alleged hit-and-run fatality is suspected by police to have fled to Mexico.

Per authorities, the 27-year-old woman was driving on eastbound on E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. late in the evening of December 2 when she allegedly struck a trio of men walking on the sidewalk.

Police say two of the men, one 20-year-old and one 21-year-old, were seriously injured, while the third man, aged 21, did not survive the encounter with her vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Though authorities are not revealing how they came to the conclusion, they say the woman fled the country not long after the incident. Plant City police remained mum as to other details, but they confirmed that they will continue working with Mexican authorities to locate the woman and return her to Florida to face charges.

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